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The Best Hot Tubs Combine Comfort, Design and Performance

There are many hot tubs and spas in the market today. However, the closer you look, the easier it is to narrow your choice. If you want to transform tension into rejuvenation every time you step into your hot tub, look no further than Caldera Spas. Our goal has always been to create the best hot tubs – the most comfortable, energy-efficient and high-performance spas on the market – so you can enjoy the full range of wellness benefits that a spa can offer.

FreshWater Salt System

Our innovative water care system was designed to drastically reduce the time spent on water care, so you can relax and experience the wellness benefits of daily hot tub use.The FreshWater Salt System uses fewer chemicals than traditional water care, reducing harsh odors for softer-feeling water that is gentler on the eyes and skin.

With the FreshWaterSalt System, you’ll enjoy:

  • Simple and intuitive water care
  • Longer lasting, natural feeling water
  • An easier way to hot tub

This easy-to-use system is available on all 2019 Utopia & Paradise Series spas. Click here to learn more

Utopia Collection

Paradise Collection

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